Monday, January 17, 2011

SW . business cards

We have hinted at it a few times just because we could not for the life of us hold in our excitement. Do you recognize this name? Does the quill writing her new logo give you a clue?

Maybe you saw her as the featured book on the face of the Kindle while you did some shopping on, maybe while you were scanning the New York Times best selling authors you came across her at position #1, or perhaps on USA Today's list of best selling authors. However you got there, you know her as Susan Wiggs the {oh, you know, just an} AUTHOR and she picked US to completely re-brand her!

We started by creating a logo and all settled on this one you see here, on the face of her new business card. She let us use blind letterpress as one of her "colors" so you can imagine that we absolutely love her.

Sorry we can't give you a clear, full frontal {and if you are familiar with her books, then you know that was so fitting} of the business card. The artist needs her privacy in order to create.

:: this piece features blind letterpress & letterpress ::


  1. AMAZING!!!! My mom is in Australia right now but she'll probably crap herself with happiness when she sees this.

  2. I love my papergoods! In Australia they call it "social papers." Post the bookplate! It's my faaaave!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful! Well done!