Monday, January 24, 2011

SW . bookmark

These next two pieces in the SW business system were treats that we were only hoping SW would opt for. And she did! We are so glad because they make her business system unique and we think, very thorough.

We imagine her surprising fans with her letterpressed bookmarks in signed copies of her book. Or maybe a smattering of them sticking out of the top of her personal book shelf, marking her place in all of the books she is currently reading.

We love the spin on the SW logo, highlighting the tag line that she has been using on her website for years. Isn't it the perfect mantra to hold your place in any book? And, if someone is lucky enough to get her to autograph one of these babies, it won't be redundant with her letterpressed name and her signed will be, just perfect.

:: this piece features blind letterpress ::

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