Monday, January 10, 2011

A&C . holiday card 2010

While we were on blogging hiatus the end of last year we were actually still working, a lot! Here is the Atlas & Campbell holiday card, just one of the many holiday projects we were finishing up. More to come later this week and a lot to catch you up on the following too!

Umm...remember a little blog with a similar photo?! Ahhh! Still gets us!

Santa brought us a new camera! So, enjoy the over documentation while the novelty lasts.

Notice the oh-so-tasteful, barely there attribution on the back of the card? As you may {or may not have} noticed, we don't brand our products really, except for the few retail cards we have come out with and our personal holiday card, obviously. When we create custom works for our clients however, you wont see it there. We would never want to take the attention off of the celebration or the person by stamping our name all over everything {as subtle as blind letterpress is}. It's just not, how do we put it....classy {in our humble opinion}.

Can you believe some clients have even asked for it to be added? It's true! As flattering as that is, you are not our billboard. But that doesn't mean we don't want you to shout our name from the mountain tops, pass our business cards out like candy or casually work our name into every unrelated conversation you ever have from here on out. Just sayin'.

We love our fans and how you root for us. So keep on keepin' on, please!

:: this piece features blind letterpress & letterpress ::

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