Friday, September 10, 2010

SS . wedding suite

it's the SS wedding suite recap post. the post where we bring all of the pieces we have created for SS together in one place. the post that really shows the family resemblance between paper siblings. and sadly, the post that indicates a project has come to a close.

it really is bitter sweet for us. we feel such a sense of accomplishment when we look back on everybody {you know, that siblings} together. we feel so grateful and humbled that SS allowed us to be such a special part of their wedding. and we are so happy for the two of them and their life together. but...we are also sad to see them go. when we work with clients for this amount of time making so many different pieces we really get into a groove, and that's fun. so hopefully this is not goodbye forever or for too terribly long. congratulations again on your beautiful {aesthetically & spiritually} marriage SS! and thank you again for including atlas & campbell.

save the date :: letterpress & blind letterpress
wedding invitation :: letterpress & blind letterpress
welcome note & wedding map :: flat printing
ceremony program :: flat printing
table number :: flat printing
wedding favor tag :: flat printing
wedding thank you stationery :: letterpress & blind letterpress

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