Monday, September 20, 2010

BH . wedding invitation

the font we used on the OT wedding invitation really has been quite the hit, and we can definitely understand why. it's absolutely beautiful! and when letterpressed, or better yet, blind letterpressed, it's practically irresistible!

BH was married almost {tomorrow} a month ago and we owe them a long overdue congratulations and happy one month anniversary at that!

see what we mean about being irresistible? now that we have done a wedding invitation where part of the copy has been blind letterpressed we are hoping to meet the bride and grrom {lets be honest, the bride} that is cool enough to have a completely blind letterpressed invitation. yes, you heard correctly. we are dying to do an invitation where everything is blind letterpressed. come on gals, we know you are out there. especially if you are thinking of doing an all white wedding. i mean, how perfectly perfect would a blind letterpressed wedding invitation be? um...perfect.

:: this piece features letterpress, blind letterpress & flat printing ::

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