Friday, June 11, 2010

SA . stationery box

every set of custom stationery would not be complete without a custom made box to match. are we right, or are we right?

we made a box for SA to store his stationery in with the left over envelope liner paper. it was so beautiful we didn't even need to wrap it when we gave it to him. we just tied a silk ribbon around the box and that was that { really should have gotten a picture of that to show you }.

because this box was made specifically for SA's stationery, everybody { and by everybody we mean the cards and the envelopes } fit perfectly snug inside. no corners will get bent over the years, no random piles of envelopes will be found in this drawer or stray cards left on that shelf. they will all be neatly kept together inside the box. and when SA uses the very last note, the box is sturdy enough to use for keepsakes. we take that back. this box is sturdy enough to last him until he orders another set of stationery to fill it with. yes, that's what we meant to say.

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