Monday, June 7, 2010

SA . envelope liners

so, lets start with the liners before we show you the whole completed set of stationery. we think it will make more sense that way...

we made custom, lifestyle stationery for a very special cousin of a&c for his bar mitzvah. and, as you may know, a&c thinks stationery makes the boy a man { yep, that's all it takes }. what a perfect gift for the occasion then, no? you may have noticed from friday's post that this cousin is an atlas and little known fact, all us atlases are obsessed with our last name.

so, on that note, we ordered delicate hand crafted paper from italy { ! } to use for the envelope liners. three different patterns all with globe themes. get it...atlas.

the paper came in large sheets which was great for cutting several liners out of each and only getting obscure hints of the globes within the boundaries of the liner. that way, the atlas message is more obscure and every envelope liner is a bit different. we had fun placing each liner pattern on the paper, commiserating over it every time and cutting them out one-by-one once we got the perfect fragment of a globe on each { see below }. they turned out great and look fantastic on their own as well as all together.

{ this pattern was our favorite of the three, hands down! }

{ and the below is possibly our very favorite envelope in the whole set of stationery! }

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