Wednesday, March 10, 2010

we are on ETSY!

we are very excited to share with you our first piece on etsy!

on tuesday we posted about this new venture that we have found ourselves working with in 2010. and man oh man do we have a lot to catch you up on.

A&C is developing a retail line. yes, you read correctly, a retail line. we are still in the development stages, busy ironing out all of the details before we share the specifics with you. we are hurrying! trust us, we cant wait to share.

this brings us to etsy. we are thrilled to take this on. a little late to get on the boat, we know, but excited none the less. we have only listed one item as of now. starting out slow (clearly, we just joined etsy after all!) and getting our bearings. there will be more to come, we promise. and with that will come a whole lot of our retail line. it will all make more sense soon, we hope!

until then, we hope you enjoy (and buy!) the below...

and last but not least...a tad off topic but too cute to pass up. as soon as i finished pressing these today i immediately turned around and took pictures. i was too excited to wait until tomorrow, and plus there was a good amount of natural light still left in the day. in the middle of my picture taking one of our studio pups thought he would get in on the action as well. i think he makes for a great, furry little model, if i do say so myself.

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