Monday, March 15, 2010

ST. KILDA . rapture invitation

it was fate! i visited st. kilda jewelry in brooklyn a few weeks back and had the opportunity to meet nora, the artist behind the beautiful designs. we got to talking design and in the midst of falling in love with EVERYTHING (and i mean everything!) in her store, a&c came up. why is it fate you ask, because not only do i have a st. kilda piece now in my jewelry box, but a few days later nora's pr person called us for a job!

so, not only did i discover st. kilda and meet the designer, but then we also got to meet and work with gabriela (amazing lady and so freaking cute!) of design mouth (arent you already obsessed with her based on her logo alone? um, i am!). it was a quick turn around time but we were able to have these invitations (below) printed and ready for them to send out in a matter of days (1.5 to be exact). phew! my head is spinning just thinking about it.

i am so happy it all worked out, and that we had the amazing opportunity to meet and work with such cool people. dont you just love the st. kilda logo too?! it turned out beautiful - letterpress really loved those cool flourishes.

thank you for thinking of us ladies. we had so much fun - probably because we LOVE your style. hope your event was a smash too!

:: this piece features letterpress ::

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