Monday, March 29, 2010

ANSA . invitation

okay, since we are doing some back blog-ing (get it...back log-ing) we had to dedicate this week to a very special client of ours, artists for a new south africa (ANSA).

ANSA came to a&c for their 20th anniversary celebration. not only was this a huge event for them, but to say it was a huge honor for us would be a gigantic understatement. we love being a part of weddings, but we are always very moved when we are able to work with non-profit organizations as well. we really cant put it into words, but lets just leave it at we were over the moon with the opportunity to work with ANSA.

this is the event logo, invitation and reply card that we designed for ANSA's annual event. congratulations to you ANSA! we love you guys (and your invitation this past year)! you know a post is late when you have to reference last year.

stay tuned, there is more ANSA coming this week!

:: this piece features flat printing ::

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