Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AB . post wedding stationery

the AB post wedding stationery is very similar to the AB pre wedding stationery (we think our photography skills have come a long way). the pre wedding stationery was used for thank you notes prior to the wedding date, you know, for shower thank you notes or anything AB received before the wedding. the post stationery was for the thank you notes to be sent for gifts AB received on their wedding day and after.

both sets of stationery had the same letterpressed envelope liner and embossed backing. they both even features the signature "b". we think the differences in the two stationery sets was subtle yet impactful, and oh so cute.

and since it has been a while since the AB wedding (and these pictures are way better), we thought we would show you the two sets of stationery side by side. dont you just love this idea? we sure did!

:: this piece features letterpress & embossing ::

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