Monday, March 22, 2010

AB . bridesmaid gifts of stationery

better late than never right? we are so sorryyyyyy for taking so long to share these with you! so many things, so little time. but here we are, so lets refresh our memories with the AB wedding and get to it!

these are the gifts that AB gave to her bridesmaids. custom, personalized stationery. how fabulous is that! OM did the same thing, and we think this is the best kind of gift one could possibly give, typical us, but seriously. nice stationery is something that we all want/need but hardly take the time to do and do right. yes, that means spending the dough for it too, unless of course you are part of the small, but awesome, obsessed with paper goods club that we are members of too (so dont feel bad, we are cool). because if you are a part of this elite club, you already know how worth it it is.

remember NB (please excuse our awful photos, we were just beginning)? something we didnt mention is that prior to becoming distinguished (by receiving his amazing stationery) he was still, in his 30's, using the stationery he got from high school graduation. now, there are many things concerning with this that we just dont have time to get into, but case in point. it is rare that one spends the time/money on nice stationery for themselves, so THIS is why we are saying it is the most PERFECT gift to give AND receive!

now that we all have a good background on the importance of stationery, lets get back to AB's bridesmaid gifts. they coordinated with the whole wedding suite and they were, if i may, AH-MAZE-ING! they were made with extra thick paper, so they were very substantial and so luxurious. and our favorite part is the super deep blind letterpressed impressions we used for each maids name on their set of stationery cards. honestly, they were ridiculously beautiful. so, take your time drooling over the below images and know you are not alone. we LOVE.

{ see what we are talking about? grand canyon deep impressions. DE-lish! }

{ for the ladies that were potentially moving in the near future we printed a return address "area" for them to use on their envelope flap. that way, no matter what, their stationery was never outdated. }

:: this piece features letterpress & blind letterpress ::

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