Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It has been a while since our last post but we have some exciting news that should make it worth the wait.

We have an addition to the a&c family! It's our new {to us} baby press! Isn't she a beauty?

We found her in a converted old chicken barn in the middle of an old farm. You would not believe all of the presses and press related things that were packed in that one space. It was like heaven! And we are still processing all of the history and information her foster father {above} had to share with us during our two day visit.

In this shot alone {below} I see 6 different letterpresses.....can you imagine what the space to the left and right had in it. It was a literal treasure chest! The moving process to the city was way less of an ordeal as she is a mere 100 pounds. That and she sits atop a restored type chest...on wheels. The sidewalks of New York City had nothing on her and compared to our other beast, moving her was a breeze!

Her name was naturally Jr., because who could forget her big sister, our first love. Welcome to the family little Miss Jr.

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