Wednesday, November 11, 2009


o! my! gosh!

we were blogged....on STYLE ME PRETTY!!! well we werent....but OT was...and abby larson mentioned us within her post....twice!

if you follow our blog, then you are probably getting married or are somehow involved in the wedding business...and if either of those things are true, or you just have a love of good design and taste, then you are probably very familiar with style me pretty. and if youre not, well, thats just not possible.

being a part, any part at all for that matter, of a post on style me pretty was a day we thought was only in our wildest dreams. we are so honored, and so excited about yesterdays two posts. thank you OT for having such great style and coming to us for your wedding invitations. thank you jose villa for being a photographic genius and capturing it all (including the OT invitations!). and thank you abby larson, for starting style me pretty and having such great taste! if it werent for this chain of people, we would not have been included in yesterdays posts.

and yes, we are still giddy!

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