Friday, November 27, 2009

AB . event signage professional photos

This is a treat for least we think so. We never blogged about the making of the signage for the AB wedding, but trust us, there was a lot of it!

As you know, we are big fans of design and really believe in carrying your design throughout your entire event and in all printed pieces that you may have. To us, that means all fonts should be consistent, all colors should coordinate and all design should be done with the same integrity. Even down to the reserved seating signs on your ceremony chairs, no joke, just look at the second and third picture here.

It was a huge treat, for us, when we saw the photos from Abby Ross. She worked her photo fairy magic and was able to cover all basis of the AB wedding. I think it helps to have a photographer who is just as into the details...that way, not-a-one is missed.

This is a picture of one of three signs we created for the AB wedding. We had one that said "Wedding," one that said "Parking" and one that led guests to the ceremony site. That one is pictured below. Recognize the font? You should! We are such detail freaks that we did the printing on these directional wood signs so that they coordinated with the AB wedding suite perfectly.

And, can I just quickly remind you of where else you have seen the phrase "Future Mr. & Mrs. B" Oh, the coordination makes us squeal with

And here you can see the reserved seating signs tied to the backs of the ceremony chairs. These were for the family walking down the aisle. They acted as place holders so that seats were saved for the wedding party after they took their walk. They were also flooded with one of the signature AB wedding patterns. And yes, it was letterpressed!

You may be able to see the reserved seating signs a little better in the photo...

And, we couldn't leave the lemonade table out of the party. A paper garland of letterpressed pattern and custom died silk ribbon adorned the front of the lemonade table {as well as the photo booth table, not shown}.

Thank you Abby Ross for capturing ALL of these details we worked so hard on and are so proud of sharing, in part because of your amazing skills.

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