Tuesday, September 15, 2009


we interrupt our daily blogging schedule to bring you this breaking news, and only because we are so excited...we are practically jumping out of our skin!

now, we consider ourselves avid style me pretty readers. there are many reasons why, but in particular style me pretty is a great resource for weddings without all of the cheesy crap-ola, if you know what i mean. we read it daily to see whats out there, keep up with the trends and get re-inspired.

you may be wondering where this is all coming from, so let me just tell you...in some little nook of the broader style me pretty blog WE were BLOGGED in the style circle section!!!!! can you believe it?! eeeeeeeee! thank you elaine for loving the DW wedding invitation enough to write about it! we are honored to be a part of your blog!

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