Wednesday, September 2, 2009

AB . cocktail napkins

one of our favorite things to letterpress around here are cocktail napkins. though quite labor intensive (we have to unfold each one, print them one-by-one and then refold each napkin) we think they are well worth it! they add that unexpected detailed touch to every event. its a great way to subtly tie in design elements.

we printed 1700 cocktail napkins for the AB wedding as they were used for the pre-ceremony beverages, cocktail hour and horse de'oeuvres as well as the entire reception. if you do the math (allow us to do it for you) and calculate that we handled each napkin three times (unfold, print & re-fold) that means that, at the very least, we touched the napkins 5,100 times. wasnt that a fun little game?

:: this piece features letterpress ::

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  1. What lovely cocktail napkins! I am a new bride-to-be and stumbled upon your site. You are very talented and I have to keep you in mind!