Monday, August 24, 2009

OT . wedding invitation

congratulations OT! they were married this past saturday and oh, let us count the ways we love them.

first and we mentioned to you friday, their wedding color, yes COLOR, is grey! the most perfect color that ever lived! we had so much fun working on this invitation for that reason alone.

two, the design element in their invitation suite was blind letterpressed...our favorite kind of letterpress. the one that creates the delicious tone-on-tone effect. YUM!

three, they are, their invitation is, perfectly romantic without being cliche wedding. they have great style that allowed us to work our magic in creating their invitation.

the list goes on, but words alone wont describe our love for the OT wedding invitation. i wish you could feel these pictures.

front of invitation panel {left} & {right} back of invitation panel

one picture of the deep impressions just wouldnt be enough. so feast your eyes on the flourishes (flourishi?) of the script and how they seam to just sink right into the paper. makes me want to jump on it. thats right, you heard me, jump, with all of my might, right on it! similar to when you see the cutest little puppy face and you have the urge to just squeeeeeeeze it. same thing.

and, in case you didnt get the idea of the entire invitation suite the first is another picture of it.

and the last element, but certainly not least element, that makes this invitation so amazing is the thickness of the main invitation panel. i dont know if this picture alone captures it (maybe because there isnt a "normal" piece of paper next to it) but these invitations are THICK. one might even use the word significant to describe them. all i can tell you is that they feel oh-so-good in your hands.

:: this piece features letterpress and blind letterpress ::


  1. Are these the invitations for the Santa Barbara couple just posted on Style Me Pretty ..Jose Villa wedding? I am planning a 2010 wedding and would love to discuss recreating an invitation I have in mind. The invitation doesnt come as a suite and I need reply, menu, program,and maps. Thanks!

  2. Did you also design the matching stamps? How fabulous is that! Silly question but to mail these stamps do you guarantee the post office does not stamp them up, add ugly bar codes, etc!