Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CB . wedding suite

here are all of the CB pieces in one spot.

remember the save-the-date they sent out just before they came to us to create their invitation and a few accessories? well, we drew from it as to create a cohesive feel throughout their entire wedding. we aimed to make our pieces coordinate with their existing one and below is the result.

those types of projects (where clients come to us with existing pieces) are always challenging in that there is already an established concept for us to continue from, but, they are also really fun because we get to figure out how to make them (the existing pieces) and us (the pieces we are creating to add to their suite of materials) all work together seamlessly. we like the fact that we have some projects where we create all of the event materials from scratch and some where we have more of a jumping off point with concepts and ideas already formed. it keeps our jobs and creative processes more interesting. now....that said, focusing back on CB, if i do say so myself....i think it was a success. yay!

invitation :: letterpress, blind letterpress & flat printing
stationery :: letterpress
cocktail napkin :: letterpress

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