Monday, August 31, 2009

AB . wedding invitation

presenting...the invitation that started it all...that was the birth of a&c...the AB wedding invitation!

this was our first project, and really the project that captured the attention of some of our first clients and thus made the dream of a&c possible. though it has been a slow process getting this one off the ground (thanks to our jam packed printing schedule) it has been well worth the wait!

we are so excited to share this very special wedding with you, and yes you guessed it...the new mrs. aubrey bartolo is really yours turly...the aubrey atlas of atlas&campbell.

{ this is custom hand died silk ribbon! yummy! }

{ here is the invitation all laid out for your viewing pleasure }

{ our personl favorite insert }

{ the face of the invitation panel is on top, and the flip side, back, of the invitation panel has the pattern on it. }

:: this piece features letterpress and embossing ::

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