Friday, April 24, 2009

OM . gifts of stationery for the bridesmaids

OM sneak peek!

here is the stationery we created for miss (soon to be mrs.) OM to give to her bridesmaids as gifts. this is a girl after my own heart! don't you sorta want to be her bridesmaid just to get the stationery...i wouldn't say no. all five of OM's bmaids are getting a set of personalized stationery (with their name letterpressed in the OM signature green). half of each set of stationery has the name and the other half has the lace flower blind letterpressed. its almost like getting two for one now that i think about it. OM is giving her ladies their gifts TODAY at the bmaid luncheon she is throwing for them. i am possibly more excited than all of them put together!

so, if the bmaid luncheon is today, that means their wedding is TOMORROW! check back MONDAY for all of the perfectly timeless pieces a&c created for their wedding. let me just say in advance that we are extremely honored to have been a part of creating some of OM's wedding accessories. OM knows what she likes...and she likes us!

:: this piece features letterpress ::

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