Friday, March 20, 2009

PC . invitation printing is our new 'company policy' that we not post any of the finished pieces here on our blog until after their event date. we came up with this new 'company standard of operation' (do we sound official or what?!) for several reasons but the main two are these:

1 :: we want to preserve the fun and surprise of each piece for our clients and their guests. we want their first look to be when they have their pieces physically in their hands directly from the postmaster himself.

2 :: and two, is that we want to preserve the privacy and intimacy of each client and their special occasion that we are creating for. we feel that one way we can do this is by showing you the final piece after their event date. we hope you will understand.

what this means for you, our dear readers is....there may be a little bit of lag time here at atlas&campbell the blog as we catch up to the events we are designing exquisite pieces for. but i promise you this....come june, there will be an explosion of work we are already dying to share with you! got to love the summer wedding season!

but that doesnt mean we cant show you what we are up to in the studio. plus, we have to tease you with something!

here is a look at what we have been printing all week and what is to come after june 6th!

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