Tuesday, February 3, 2009


one thing i love love LOVE is the perfect pen to write with while using my stationery (or anything for that matter...grocery lists and personal checks included). and every stationery set requires its own perfect pen i have come to find out.

recently i have been including just that (the perfect pen) in with the packages i send to our clients with their custom stationery. i havent told any of them about this prior to receiving their stationery. its just a little surprise that i get great joy from including (oh, the little things).

the other thing i get a kick out of is writing a little note to each client (with their perfect pen) on a test card from when i was in the process of printing their stationery. i always think that the test cards end up looking so cool! some are even framed in my house!

below is a picture of the test card and pen (maroon of course) included with the CB stationery. and! WM received their stationery this past weekend and maybe one of the reasons we relate to one another so well is because she loves perfect pens as much as i do! i am so glad that she is as excited as i am!

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