Saturday, January 24, 2009

WM . wedding stationery

we have another wedding suite started. designs are all underway but the first to be printed have been the thank you stationery.

my mom gave me her sewing machine a few months ago and these cards were the first to be sewn on it! i got the idea from the save the date that WM had already sent out...we drew the birds from that too. i think those two elements will tie it in quite nicely.

i thought that the excess thread looked cool all together so i wanted to take pictures before i cleaned them up and sent them off to WM later today.....i cant wiat for WM to get them....looks like they can't wait either!

:: this piece features letterpress & stitching ::

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  1. AHHHHHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! Oh lord. This is amazing. YOU are amazing. I'm dying with happiness!