Thursday, January 29, 2009


ever since the letterpress moved into my space my dad has been chief in charge of safety (well no actually, he has always been captain safety that i can remember). there was a period of about a week there when we would have daily phone calls and email dialogs about how the rags i am using to clean up the letterpress ink (soaked in flammable liquids) could spontaneously combust. thankfully he scared me straight (literally it kept me up at night) and today i received my fire resistant waste can (no hands required!) for all of my used rags (that will be emptied daily of course).

but, after reading all of the literature courtesy of my father, a safety cabinet is what i truly long for (and if he was reading this i think he would be proud). who knew that my lust would shift from shoes and handbags to fire-retardent containers...well i think its more like an addition to rather than a shift from....

but dad, now you can rest easy. thank you for scaring me into action, really. like you always say, "safety first!"


  1. Aubrey I have heard it said that "Safety is no accident!!!!" You are living proof!! A real safety role model. I am so proud and safe. Love,