Friday, February 11, 2011

DM . calling cards

Typically the winter months just after the holidays tend to slow down for us, but not this year and we are so pleased about that! We have been busy with business cards as you may have noticed.

The inspiration behind these cards were masculine, clean and modern. Because these are more for personal use {hence calling card and not business card} we were able to eliminate most of the necessary clutter that comes with the more corporate of cards.

:: this piece features letterpress ::

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

EWM . business cards

Wouldn't you know it, we have done the business cards for not one, but both of the authors now!

A spin off of EWM's blog header and we arrived here. And I must say, we lurve it! A lot!

:: this piece features letterpress ::

Monday, February 7, 2011


In a book! Yes, a BOOK! Can you believe it? We hardly can.

Remember the WM wedding and then how it led to our SW client? Well the extremely talented mother and daughter teamed up and wrote a book about the whole WM wedding experience. We knew this was happening and heard rumor that no names of those involved were changed, but we had no idea what we were in for until we read it ourselves on January 25th, the day it hit book shelves.

To our surprise we have a whole chapter. Yes, a whole chapter was written about and dedicated to Atlas & Campbell! Freaking. Out.

Now, we are not just saying this because we are in the book, but you have to read it! It is hilarious and such a fun read! You will honestly laugh out loud, even sitting in a room all by yourself, you won't be able to contain your giggles.

Purchase the book here or visit the book's website {Recognize that font from the WM suite by chance?} to learn more about the authors and other retailers.

Friday, January 28, 2011

SW . business system

Susan Wiggs was really fun to design for. She leaned on us for our aesthetic and opinion {what an honor!}. It is always a challenge to develop a logo for someone but her trust made it fun. A logo needs to communicate the person and the brand in its entirety, thus the challenge. But once you have the logo the pieces seem to come together seamlessly. It is always really gratifying for us to see them next to one another as a complete business suite of materials.

business card :: blind letterpress & letterpress
letterhead :: blind letterpress & letterpress
mailing label :: flat printing
bookmark :: blind letterpress
bookplate :: letterpress

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SW . bookplate

The last cherry on top of the SW business system is the bookplate. Cool, right?! Apparently this item in her business system is her "faaaave"!

:: this piece features letterpress ::

Monday, January 24, 2011

SW . bookmark

These next two pieces in the SW business system were treats that we were only hoping SW would opt for. And she did! We are so glad because they make her business system unique and we think, very thorough.

We imagine her surprising fans with her letterpressed bookmarks in signed copies of her book. Or maybe a smattering of them sticking out of the top of her personal book shelf, marking her place in all of the books she is currently reading.

We love the spin on the SW logo, highlighting the tag line that she has been using on her website for years. Isn't it the perfect mantra to hold your place in any book? And, if someone is lucky enough to get her to autograph one of these babies, it won't be redundant with her letterpressed name and her signed will be, just perfect.

:: this piece features blind letterpress ::

Friday, January 21, 2011

SW . mailing label

Everyone loves getting packages in the mail, especially when they are well designed! This is the mailing label that we designed as part of the SW business system.

:: this piece features flat printing ::

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SW . letterhead

No business system {nor professional writer} would be complete without letterhead, right?

:: this piece features blind letterpress & letterpress ::

Monday, January 17, 2011

SW . business cards

We have hinted at it a few times just because we could not for the life of us hold in our excitement. Do you recognize this name? Does the quill writing her new logo give you a clue?

Maybe you saw her as the featured book on the face of the Kindle while you did some shopping on, maybe while you were scanning the New York Times best selling authors you came across her at position #1, or perhaps on USA Today's list of best selling authors. However you got there, you know her as Susan Wiggs the {oh, you know, just an} AUTHOR and she picked US to completely re-brand her!

We started by creating a logo and all settled on this one you see here, on the face of her new business card. She let us use blind letterpress as one of her "colors" so you can imagine that we absolutely love her.

Sorry we can't give you a clear, full frontal {and if you are familiar with her books, then you know that was so fitting} of the business card. The artist needs her privacy in order to create.

:: this piece features blind letterpress & letterpress ::